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Medical Bracelets
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    Q: Shipping:
    How much do you charge for shipping?

    A: Shipping is a flat fee of $3.50 for domestic orders, no matter what the quantity.
    You can also upgrade your shipping to Priority at $5.25 or Express $21.00.
    International shipping is a flat fee of $6.99 an order.
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    Q: Engraving:
    What should I engrave on my medical ID bracelet or medical charm?

    A: Engraving varies by condition and by personal choice. As a general rule engrave your most important medical condition which would help medics treat you in an emergency when you can't speak for yourself.

    General Guidelines for medical identification engraving:

    Your Name
    Your Medical Condition
    An emergency contact phone number
    Any allergies
    Blood type
    Physicians name and phone number
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    Q: Engraving Charges:
    How much do you charge to have my medical bracelet engraved?

    A: Engraving is always free at Designs by Diana and is included in the price of the medical identification product you are purchasing.

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    Q: Custom Engraving:
    What if my custom engraved medical alert charm or tag has an error?

    A: Please notify us as soon as possible and a corrected medical tag or charm will be mailed out to you. Please submit your engraving information carefully, as it is not our responsibility to edit content. Any engraving that were submitted incorrectly will be engraved again at your expense.

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    Q: Sizing:
    How do I determine the size of my medical ID bracelet?

    A: Please see our link sizing/birthstone colors for detailed instructions on ordering the correct size of your medical bracelet. Please note: Choose your size of medical bracelet carefully as there is a $10 resizing fee. If in doubt please contact me for help.

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    Q: Guarantee:
    Do you offer a guarantee on your medic alert bracelets and products?

    A: Yes, at Designs by Diana your medical ID bracelet or product is guaranteed for 90 days from the date is was shipped. We guarantee our workmanship quality under normal use. If your medical bracelet breaks under normal wear within this time frame we will repair and restring the bracelet for free. We do not guarantee beaded bracelets when worn in water or while playing sports.

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    Q: Returns:
    Do you accept returns on medical alert bracelets and products?

    A: We want you to be 100 % happy with your purchase. If for some reason you are not happy with your medical bracelet you may return it to us within 30 days. Custom engraved medical charms or tags are not returnable. Please see policies for additional information on returns.
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    Q: Water Wear:
    Can I wear my medical bracelet in water?

    A: At Designs by Diana we only use professional 49 strand nylon coated wire. When the wire is exposed to water it will eventually break over time, therefore we do not advise exposing your beaded medical ID bracelets to water of any kind. Sports bands and stainless steel medical bracelets can be worn in the water with no risk of breakage or damage.

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    Q: Tarnish:
    Will my medical ID bracelet tarnish?

    A: Yes, all sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry will tarnish. High humidity, acid levels in the skin, and water can speed up the process. When your not wearing your medical ID bracelet store it in a sealed plastic bag(supplied with each purchase) to help
    protect it from the air and humidity. A soft jewelry cloth can be used to remove tarnish or a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. We do not consider tarnish a defect and products will not be accepted for return for this condition.
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    Q: Ship Time:
    How long will it take to receive my custom engraved medical ID bracelet?

    A: As a general rule and depending on what you have ordered, you should expect your medical bracelet or product to be shipped out in 4-5 business days after ordering. If your item does not require engraving then it should be mailed out the next business day. Please note: this is an estimation only, as I work with several vendors in different parts of the country and shipping time may vary.
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    Q: Size Charms/Tags:
    What are the dimensions of your medical ID tags and charms?

    A: Our charms and tags vary depending on the vendor, here is an approximate measurement:
    Sterling silver/gold filled medical charms: 11/16th of an inch, about the size of a dime.
    H HH stainless plates: 3/8 by 1 3/4 inch
    Stainless plates with enamel medical symbol: 1.7 by 1/2 inch

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